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QSE Policy

Quality – Safety – Environment

    Oour strong experience, since 2006, in the area of Quality, has shown us, with conviction, that for the sustainability of our company, the implementation of an integrated management system (Quality: ISO 9001, Environment: ISO 14001 and Health & Safety: ISO 45001) is primordial and vital.

    The strategy of our company, focused on the development and improvement of existing products as well as the creation of new activities, will allow our company to open other market perspectives and aim, in the medium term, export in the African market, In particular, and in the short term, set up a high-performance laboratory that complies with the requirements of ISO 17025.

    In my capacity of Chief Executive Officer of the company, I undertake to respect and enforce all the actions taken, with the participation of all, by implementing, with a view to continuous improvement, all necessary human and material resources :

  • Continuously improve the efficiency and performance of our Integrated Management System and of our laboratory in order to sustain its accreditation and evolve it according to feedback and exchanges in order to make the various actors more responsible to the aspects of Quality, Health & Safety at Work and Environment, thus acting on behaviors.
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our activities and other requirements to which we have subscribed.
  • To ensure that the health and safety of people, especially the Staff assigned to our workshops, as well as the property is preserved.
  • To protect the environment, by acting on the risks of pollution.
  • Perform tests according to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and thus meet the needs of customers.
  • Ensure that we do not engage in any activities that would reduce trust in the competence, impartiality, judgment or operational integrity of our laboratory.
  • Plan and participate in accredited inter-laboratory tests related to our activities.

    Each of us, to this end, must make an effective contribution to achieving our common objectives :

  1. To offer our Customers high quality products and services, meeting their requirements and expectations in order to retain them to guarantee the highest level of satisfaction.
  2. Ensure the health and safety of our staff and reduce workplace accidents in our workshops.
  3. Reduce major risks and significant impacts related to our activities.
  4. Provide the necessary training resources, authorisations, personal protective equipment and material to meet the challenges and risks incurred.
  5. To prevent occupational diseases.

    Measurable Objectives and Targets have been established for each process ; they will be regularly reviewed and submitted to the Management Review for improvement.

    I designate (appoint) as Representative of the General Management Mr Nadir ABDELLI to whom I delegate the authority and responsibility for the implementation, monitoring and maintenance of the Integrated Management System.

    Finally, I invite the women and men who make up the living forces of the company, to follow the same approach by their daily actions and exemplary behavior to contribute to the success of the implementation of the Integrated Management System, management and improvement tool.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer