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Cover Chaudières à eau surchauffée à tubes de fumée

Fire tube superheated water

The ECFERAL superheated water boilers are horizontal, monoblock steel, with smoke tubes spread over three (03) paths. They are designed to meet the needs of a variety of industries and large central heating plants for superheated hot water. Our Controllers are involved at every stage of the manufacturing process; other checks, internal and external, are carried out by a third party body (State-approved inspection body), to which is added the hydraulic test of the DMI (Algerian equipment) in accordance with the regulations in force in Algeria (Executive Decree No. 90-246 of 18/08/1990, regulating steam pressure vessels) and the Algerian Standard NA 19688, equivalent to the European Standard EN 12953. They are manufactured with high quality materials (sheets & tubes) according to the design standards of superheated water boilers. The accessories mounted on our boilers are of impeccable quality and reliability. Most of our suppliers are world leaders in their fields of expertise. Control boxes, with PLC, can be installed on our boilers; in addition, ECFERAL can provide boilers adapted to ATEX zones at the Customer’s request. Rock wool insulation, as well as a cover in stainless steel sheet, envelop our boilers, in order to limit heat loss.

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